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The filing deadline has passed and we are still diligently working on your claims.  We have and will be continuing to expand our staffing to help expedite the processing of your claims.  It may have been some time since we’ve communicated and we wanted to reach out to update you on a couple items. 

How can I check the status of my claim after the Claimant Assistance Centers closure date?

You can check the status of your claim by calling 1-800-353-1262, or by checking the status of your claim online through your secure DWH Portal. If you do not have a DWH Portal and would like to check the status of your claim online, you may do so by visiting the You will need to have your DWH Claimant ID and the last four digits of the taxpayer ID to check the status of the claim through this feature. Please note that you cannot upload documents or view notices through the Check Claim Status feature.

I have received multiple Incompleteness Notices after I fulfilled prior notices. Why?

The Claims Administrator's Office reserves the right to send Incompleteness Notices in order to gather additional information that is necessary for processing the claim, including source documents for Profit and Loss statements. Requests for additional information may be needed to clarify items that were previously provided.  We can expect this to happen from time to time.  They do have an expectation that we will answer them in a timely manner or they have the right to exercise a denial.  Do NOT panic and reach out to us if you have questions call us or email us a

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